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Raising Bison

Raising Bison

Bison can be found in all 50 states, and have thrived on the North American continent for thousands of years. Bison are a naturally hardy animal, and adjust well to cold Wisconsin winters. Bison are not a domestic animal like beef, pigs, and goats, and require special attention when handling. They primarily feed on grass, hay, and corn silage.

Bison cows generally have their first calf at age 3 and will deliver a calf every year after. The gestation period of a bison is 9 months, and calves weigh around 40 pounds at birth. Calves at birth are an orange color and eventually turn brown after 4 months.

In the winter bison form a thick wooly hair that protects them from the cold. In summer, they lose or shed their thick winter hair.

All bison animals have horns. The male animals are called bulls and are typically slaughtered for meat between of 18-24 months. Females are called heifers before they have a calf, and cows after they have a calf.


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